We manage homes by providing personalized service for an exclusive group on Maui.

Our clients are particular, just like our properties. We focus on maintaining a superior product and brand.

As the luxury homeowners’ personal assistant, we work directly with our homeowners to ensure their needs are met and their expectations are exceeded.

“Our mission is to simplify our clients lives so they can do exactly what they’ve come to do…
Enjoy Maui.”


We Help Protect Your Maui Investment - Your “On Island Eyes” - monitoring and reporting of property condition. Someone local to assist with whatever may come up.


We keep you informed so you can make decisions from a distance, and things get done while you’re out of town. Who wants to live through remodels and upgrades?


We have relationships on Maui. We act a liaison, communicating with Homeowners Associations, service companies and vendors so you don’t have to.


Leave your accounting and bookkeeping to us! Payment of utility companies, taxes, payments, etc. via QuickBooks with monthly reporting is available.



We are the Maui homeowners’ Personal Assistant. We monitor homes and condition, employ vendors, and assist with seasonal or ongoing projects. We work as the face for our clients to ask the right questions and get the right answers.

Our mission is to build trusting relationships and give our clients’ the peace of mind that they have a qualified, reliable professional keeping up and managing their island property.

We want them to arrive to their home in stellar condition, ready to enjoy.




“Keep an eye” on the home with periodic property walks and inspections to monitor security and condition.

We project, suggest and implement improvements and/or deferred maintenance issues, facilitate repair process and payment (paint, window treatments, furnishings, appliances, etc.).

Outsource work to qualified to vendors, check the quality of their work, invoicing, billing, etc. (landscapers, cleaners, Pool, tile, etc). Monthly reports provided to owners.


Who wants to live through remodels and upgrades?

We can help with everything from obtaining bids and details on projects like paint or carpet, or larger projects like a/c replacements or assembling a team to facilitate kitchen and bath remodels. We can help schedule, coordinate and get decisions in front of our homeowners. We maintain a presence and provide reliable, on-island representation.


Our team coordinates home cleaners, window washers, handymen, car services, concierge and activities, and any special requests.

Shopping for appliances, furnishings, décor, etc. presenting options to owner for a decision, then assisting with delivery, installation, etc.

Liaison with AOAO for scheduling, submitting applications and obtaining approval for remodels, modifications, etc…


We create custom checklists and provide monthly reporting to homeowners, with photo documentation and action taken as necessary. We calendar maintenance checks and periodic replacements to be sure homes are kept up to luxury standards.

We can help with anything from obtaining bids and details for projects ranging from small jobs such as paint and aesthetics, to larger such as a/c replacements, or working with general contractors.

We also offer to maintain a QuickBooks account and ledger of activity, making sure all invoices are accounted for and property bills and taxes are paid. Owning a vacation home is not supposed to be stressful!


Rest assured that we’ll keep an eye on your home to monitor security and condition, identify suggested improvements, or check the quality of vendor work, etc.

In addition, let us help locate and qualify tenants if you are interested in renting your home. We’ll help you acquire and take advantage of passive income if eligible!


LUXURY RE MAUI, LLC’s competitive advantage is a more personal experience for our homeowners. Better labelled as a “Home Manager” rather than that of our competitors whom facilitate vacation rentals with a high turnover, multiple tenant experience. Our advantages are:

  • Our focus is simplifying our Principals lives’ by maintaining a presence and implementing homeowners’ tasks.
  • We “hold hands” with our owners resulting in a more personal relationship and high quality representation.
  • Better reputation for a higher yield clientele – smaller company, more invested in maintaining accounts.
  • Smaller portfolio – More attention to you and your property – higher attention to detail for a luxury product.
  • Exclusive relationships with reputable Maui vendors and professionals to get the job done RIGHT!



“Erica and her team are very detail oriented and reliable, she has a fresh energy. We are grateful for their expertise and service.”

Makena Surf Homeowner LuxuryMAUI Client Testimonial

“Luxury Maui is the best! I feel secure knowing that my home is being cared for by Luxury Maui. Mahalo nui loa!”

Kehalani Homeowner LuxuryMAUI Client Testimonial



We are a well rounded, qualified group of individuals with a fresh energy and spirit. Our goal is to make owning and keeping up on your Maui home easy. We believe in MAUI, our people and in sharing “the Aloha Spirit” with others.

We are personal, professional and dedicated to you.



Active real estate license with Wailea Realty Corporation. A thorough understanding of home systems and remodels, real estate acquisitions and building. Relationships with vendors and a team of reputable professionals.

  • 15+ years of related experience and relationships with luxury property homeowners
  • 10+ years of experience in Real Estate sales
  • 10+ years of experience in Real Estate assistance; systems, administrative, marketing
  • 5+ years of oceanfront and luxury real estate management experience on Maui
  • Ongoing training and coaching with highly successful mentors

Personal and professional references available upon request.

Trusted Relationships


We believe in working with people on Maui.
We want the community to thrive and as a company we try and be sustainable in every way possible. A few of the vendors that we find ourselves working with regularly are:


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We build monthly contracts and programs or can assist at hourly / contract rates based on individual demands. Pricing is based on the time and detail required to meet individual owner standards. The amount of visits, scope of work, size of property and depth of service will all be considered when devising a new contract.


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