Hokulea Tours the Hawaiian Islands
August 18, 2017

After completing a 3 year long voyage around the world navigated by the stars, the historical sailing canoes Hokule’a and Hikianalia return home to the Hawaiian islands to talk story and share their mana’o or ‘wisdom’. Today, she is making her journey through West Maui to Honolua Bay, where Hōkūleʻa first launched for her maiden voyage in 1976. The community will now begin to mahalo and mālama Hawai’i with a planting of 4,000 koa seedlings as part of a series of events in West Maui. Children from Kamehameha Schools program have field trips – with a full day of learning and sharing about these voyaging canoes and their place in Hawaiian history and culture.

After this visit, the canoes will continue to approximately 40 additional ports and connect with nearly 80 communities throughout the Hawaiian Islands.
In learning and reading about this history and significance and to watch us all come together… I am proud to call Maui my home.

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