The Importance of Luxury Home Management on Maui
October 10, 2017

Good home management involves organizing in a way that suits your needs and personalities in the season that you’re in. Here are some tried and true ways to approach home management. Sometimes all these different “spheres” of life can be overwhelming. Owning a vacation home on Maui is a place to relax and recharge Work with a first-class company and arrive on island ready to do just that.

1. Good home management prioritizes relationships.
Good home management involves relationships, first and foremost. Managing time and money, and being detail oriented are priceless attributes of a great home manager. Your home is an extension of YOU and having someone that you can trust at the ground level is critical.

2. Good home management puts order into chaos.
That said, having someone take care of the small issues that come up, new improvements and coordinating it all makes your life easier. Catch issues before they unravel and solve problems as they arise. We find that”keeping the wheels turning” by having things in order, establishing some routines and working together, makes owning a vacation home easier.

3. Good home management requires some prioritizing.
Most good things take some planning and prioritizing. Having someone on the ground level to keep organized the different areas and keep projects, maintenance and everything else moving forward even when you are off island. A sure way to maintain and uphold your growing investment.

4. Good home management takes some planning
You’ve got a lot going on in your Keeping an eye on upcoming projects, seasonal changes and setting a “game plan” with our clients help ensure that our properties are kept up to luxury standards. Owning a large home or estate in a tropical location takes a team of professionals to keep it sparking all year round.

Luxury MAUI is the only first-class personal assistant to the luxury homeowner.

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